Chocolate Protein Iced Coffee

I’m not a straight up coffee-drinker: a hot cup of coffee just doesn’t do much for me. But take me to Starbucks and it’s a whole different story. I could drink iced coffee and frappuccino’s allll day. Sadly, all that sugar in those drinks keeps me away most of the time unless I’m in dire need of a caffeine kick.

Enter: the dairy-free, chocolatey, protein packed iced coffee. Since I don’t have a coffee maker, I resorted to instant coffee, but I’m sure this little concoction would be even better with the brewed stuff.  SO easy, and so so delicious.

iced coffee

1 cup coffee
1/2 cup almond milk
1 Tbsp coconut creamer
1 scoop chocolate protein powder

Pour almond milk and coconut creamer in a glass and add protein powder. Mix well, then fill glass with ice to the top. Add coffee to the glass, stir and enjoy!

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