LB Kettlebell Challenge

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LB Kettlebell Challenge (2)


This workout includes a whole lot of kettlebell swings, so break them into chunks and rest if you need to. During round 1, I usually aim to complete 25 swings at a time, rest for about 10 seconds, do another 25, rest, etc. until I reach 100 swings.

Enjoy fitties!



  1. Until I read the break it down part, I was like this isn’t for beginners. I would not recommend that many consecutive reps to a client… It would get pretty awful on the back after about 40 or so…


    • Hi Vanessa! Yes that’s the goal. You can break the kettle bell swings down into sets of 10 or 20, rest for 20-30 seconds, do another 10-20 swings, rest, etc. until you hit the goal for each round. The entire workout should take around 30 minutes, but this will vary from person to person 🙂


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