ALL the Kinds of Burpees

I have had a bad attitude about cardio lately. Getting on the treadmill sounds like straight torture, so I’ve been getting creative in finding ways to get my sweat on, and burpees have quickly become my new favorite form of cardio torture. If you’re thinking “this girl is straight crazy, I’m not doing 100+ burpees- hear me out!

Instead of plugging away on the treadmill or elliptical for 45 minutes, I’ve been creating circuits that involve tons of burpees (and sometimes only burpees (insert appalled faces everywhere)) and it is SO MUCH MORE FUN! You will be sweaty- you will be exhausted- and I guarantee you will be back for more.

Here are five different kinds of burpees to get you started- I did 20 reps of each kind. Ready, set, gooooo!

  1. Ball slam burpees
  2. Broad jump burpees
  3. Box over burpees
  4. Single leg burpees
  5. Crunch jump burpees


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