The Only 6 Rules You Need To Get the Body You Want

boozy milkshake

Hey girl hey!

Story time: this weekend, I went to my favorite local burger joint and ordered up a double cheeseburger and a boozy milkshake (yup- ice cream + alcohol) and a comment from my waitress (who we loved and who gave us great service) hit home for me.

She said something along the lines of “I wish I could eat like this and look like you!”

And while I gave her a smile, what I really wanted to tell her was this:

  •  It’s not necessary to starve yourself to get the body you want
  •  It’s not necessary to follow a ridiculously strict diet plan to get the body you want
  • It’s not necessary to spend hours working out every week to get the body you want
  • It’s possible to eat food and do workouts without obsessing about how many calories you ate or burned
  • It’s possible to choose ice cream over kale or happy hour over a workout- and get right back on track WITHOUT beating yourself up
  • You can choose to love your body and yourself and to live from that place of love, instead of trying to hate your way to the body you want. Because loving your body will get WORLDS farther than hating it ever will.

I don’t have double cheeseburgers and boozy milkshakes every day. But when I have a hankering for them, I eat them. And then I get right back on track. No feeling guilty. No extra workouts. No starving myself.

Because in between all the workouts and healthy eating, there is a thing called LIFE that is meant to be LIVED.

One singular meal won’t make you fit- just like one singular meal won’t you fat. It is what we do on a daily, consistent basis that matters most- not the once-in-awhile, good-for-the-soul meals like this one.

So have your cheeseburger and your ice cream, enjoy the EFF out of them, and get right back to the workouts and healthy eating.



The ONLY 6 Rules You Need To Get the Body You Want.png

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