21 Affirmations to Calm Anxiety

21 Affirmations to Calm Anxiety

For those of us who deal with anxiety, we know how crippling it can be. It has caused me to bolt out of important networking events and skip social gatherings I’d been looking forward to. It has given me sleepless nights with a racing mind and made me leave a hotel room shortly after checking in, feeling panicky and a desperate, inexplicable need to get home.

Whether it’s a looming anxiety in our day-to-day routines or anxiety attacks that disrupt your ability to participate in normal activities, anxiety can have a large impact on our mental and physical health, and learning how to manage and cope with it is vital to both.

In addition to breathing exercises (click here for a super-effective one), my favorite way to deal with overwhelming anxiety is with positive affirmations that bring me back to the moment and remind me that I am strong and capable of overcoming anything that life throws at me.

Below are 21 affirmations you can use to help calm your anxiousness and bring yourself back to a more positive place:

your playing smallfire within mestriving to beinhale confidenceyou are so enoughif you love lifecoming home to yourselfsubversive revolutionary thingobsessed with becomingbutterfly is prooffire in her soulProcessed with VSCOcam with b5 presetmystery of graceyou are enoughone foot in front of the otherset the world on firemy heart is at easewith brave wingsgrace carried me herefaith over feardon't unpack and live there


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