Introducing….the 99 Burpees Challenge



I’ve created a brand new challenge that we’ll be doing once a month- and it’s called the 99 Burpees Challenge.


I know most of us have a total love/hate relationship with burpees (mostly hate), but they are seriously one of the most effective total body, strength training, and metabolism boosting moves that you can find. They are legit the total package.
These can be any kind of burpees, multiple kinds of burpees, whatever you’re feeling- but it has to be 99 burpees completed in one workout (or one day if you need to break them up).

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I love burpees and you KNOW I love keeping it fresh with different variations, so here are 9 different kinds of burpees to get you started: 9 Favorite Burpee Variations

Need some burpee-inspo? Check out this video for 9 different burpee variations.
And here’s another blog post with a few more for you #idoitbecauseiloveya

I’d love to see your post-burpee sweaty selfies too! Tag me on Instagram @burpeesthenbrunch


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